Day Trip to Wadi Hidan

Before I go off to Wadi Rum and Petra this week, I wanted to write about my last weekend day trip of the summer. A group of my friends and I went with a tourism company (a bunch of cool guys who love climbing around canyons) called Tropical Desert to Wadi Hidan.

Wadi means “valley” in Arabic, so there are an assortment of them in Jordan, but I am extremely glad we chose to go to Hidan.

For about 4 kilometers, we climbed, hiked and swam quite a bit to go through a portion of this valley, and it was an awesome experience. I also wanted to mention how impressed I am by myself that I’ve managed to be in water for 3/6 weekends that I’ve had in Jordan so far, and that’s rather impressive for a country with an extreme water crisis.

It was an awesome hike where I jumped off boulders and small cliffs a handful of times, slid down a natural water slide and spent half of the journey swimming with a lifejacket, helmet and pack on, resulting in me looking like the construction workers from fisher price’s “little people”

Here are some photos of the day, and I just wanted to mention that the photos do this location no justice.

The view hiking out of Wadi Hidan
Just floating around in Wadi Hidan


The car to Wadi Rum leaves at 8am tomorrow, and I am so excited for the journey to the most beautiful locations in Jordan! I hope to tell some great stories when I’m back.

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