Quick Update

Back from the Dead Sea and we have so much homework to start and finish it is unreal.

However, here are some notes to update everyone who might be wondering where I am or was.


  • The Dead Sea is incredible — lowest point on earth, the drive down was tougher on my ears popping than taking off in an airplane
  • The hotel is beautiful, we are apparently VIPs
  • pools, hottubs, I spent more time in the water than out of it while awake (wait, there’s a water crisis in Jordan)
  • Dead Sea – we did the mud, we could float as far as we want, not a single life guard or security guard has control over American college students
  • swimming in the Dead Sea at night, seeing Palestine from a distance
  • Climbing a giant hill of sand to watch the sunset over Israel

I am so tired I could fall asleep with my face on my keyboard but I have to ring in my birthday tonight!
I can’t think of a better weekend or trip to celebrate the beginning of the next decade of my life.

I will be back! And there will be a lot of wonderful views of the Dead Sea.

ImageThis is that sunset I was talking about.


2 Replies to “Quick Update”

  1. Sounds like the trip to the Dead sea made you “dead tired”, but you had lots of fun and got great memories! Great job! Happy birthday from all of us! Wishing you many more memorable and fun experiences, making new friends, health and strength to make this trip a perfect start of your grownup life! We love you!
    P.S. Excellent job keeping us updated on your journey!

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