Preparations: Making a Travel Blog – Check.

I have 36 more hours to spend at home, before I travel the 5709 miles from JFK Airport to Amman, Jordan. I am nervous, excited, and possibly ready. I will be spending a summer semester, a total of 9 weeks in Amman.
I have spent a lot of time thinking about and anticipating this trip, my first experience in the Middle East, speaking the Arabic I’ve been practicing to real people, doing real traveling, studying, adventuring.

There’s no better way to describe my enthusiasm than this: that moment that  someone is about to push you into the deep end of the pool, but for the first time ever. Except I’m headed to the desert.

So I decided I am going to keep this travel blog, chronicling the experience out loud!!

Friends, family, and curious readers, you can find me here for the next 9 weeks and change.
Here you will find my stories and photographs, and you can always get in touch with me at